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A place to breathe for anyone trying to bring home a baby.

Led by experts and founded by Alice Rose, certified Transformational Coach and fertility communications consultant.



The Life Raft offers professional, quality support for women trying to bring home a baby.

It's your life; we just help you live it. Whatever happens.

Community and Live Calls

Positive (toxic-free!) space focused on connection, mindset and wholeness. Find others who understand; empower yourself through self compassion and community to transform your life one day at a time on our regular live calls and in our social media free group. Stay anonymous if you prefer.

Resource Hub

An incredible growing library of resources, super easy to access. From journal prompts and mindset courses; guest expert talks and guided meditations. We walk you through exactly how to incorporate the Raft into your day. Welcome to your new, addictive (in a good way!) daily dose of inspiration for wellbeing.

The Life Raft Framework

Following our Onboard Pathway, we give you everything you need to start using the Framework now. It's a way of living for this chapter of your life and every stage; a tool to use forever so you never need to feel lost and stuck again, with the quality support you need to make the most of it.


The most compassionate, refreshing and energising course for reclaiming your life while trying to conceive or bring home a baby


Read Words of Comfort

Every time the wait is driving you crazy this comforting, inspiring guide will be your best friend; with self-coaching prompts to implement yourself straightaway. You can print the guide out and write in the pages or just grab your fave notebook...

Feel Calm and in Control

How to stop feeling stuck, on hold and left behind. Learn techniques that will completely change how you approach any kind of waiting, including the two week wait. This workshop will leave you feeling calm, in control and


Listen and Reset

Spend just 5 minutes listening to this meditation to help you come back to centre. This is one of my favourite visualisations; a powerful way to own your thoughts instead of trying to ignore them or allowing shame, fear or overwhelm rule your day.


words from Fertility Life Raft Members

"You have been the only person who has ever helped with how I feel and helped me to understand and I am so grateful to you; you genuinely mean all you say and do. You get it xxxx."

"I've been amazed at how my mindset has changed. I feel equipped to deal with the highs and lows that come my way now and even those around me have noticed the change in me."

"Alice is a total earth angel. I felt supported the whole way through and now beyond the course too. She really does understand this journey and how hard it is, giving people hope in such a hard time is amazing. I searched the internet for answers and ways to help me out of this headspace/hell! I stumbled upon Alice's Instagram account and took a leap of faith.... Not only has she helped me understand my thoughts and feelings she has helped me see that I am normal, I am human and I can get through this! With the right tools and support ❤ thank you xx"


For the first year I was obsessed with making a baby...

I was neurotic and my stress levels were through the roof. At one point I thought we would never get there and I couldn’t ever imagine how I would be OK with this.

I felt rage whenever a friend offered well meant ‘advice’ (“have you tried putting your legs in the air after sex?” = RAGE!) and my sense of failure seemed to spread to every part of my life. I was hopeless and really not fun to be around.

I started to look for ways to distract myself and feel better. I began by seeking ways to improve my fertility but actually, accidentally found a new way to live.

I began to feel much, much better.

Meanwhile, my fertility journey was ongoing. I was still

floored with grief on the days I got my period or saw

another negative pregnancy test but...

I had found what felt like a secret passage straight to living my true, unlimited potential and genuinely love my life.


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​Making this podcast is one more way I can work on my mission: empowering you with self compassion, tools, resources and community. You can change how you feel without having to fight.

I talk a lot about taking ownership of your fertility

experience and for me, this meant building a 'Life Raft' that

I clung to when times were particularly hard.

Listen to warm, sometimes funny, inspiring and uplifting conversations focussed on bringing you useful tools to cope; feel less alone and more connected to a community of people who really do get it.

1 to 1 transformative Coaching

I bring my own mix of personal and professional fertility knowledge and experience with lots of self compassion for every client.

I make sure every single client feels heard and seen; supported and empowered.

Whether that's simply finding more ease and joy every day; honouring every part of your self (even the bits which you're not very proud of...that's in all of us by the way) rediscovering your spark and sense of self or feeling like you're simply able to keep going...

We will get you there.