My role:

Founder, Transformational Coach, Mentor, Podcast Host, Speaker, Writer, Producer of Content, Multi-Passionate Human and Protector of all Clients, Course Students and Members!

Why I do it:

I felt compelled to share the things which transformed how I felt day to day when I went through my own difficult path to bringing home a baby and helped me not just manage but to rediscover my self...and now I'm also a fiercely passionate advocate for the community too.

I believe we can change things for the better globally for anyone going through infertility, loss and any alternative route to parenthood by starting with every single person feeling supported, safe and heard. That's why I do it!

My perfect weekend is...

...spent eating some excellent food, seeing excellent people, with plenty of time for me to spend in a bath, listen to music or read a book with a coffee and a croissant!

Contact me: [email protected]


My role:

Operations Manager, I make sure everything for the business is set up, planned and runs smoothly. I also look after and support our lovely Life Raft members and guest speakers.

Why I do it:

I am currently on my own fertility journey after many years going through recurrent miscarriage and IVF. As an Events Planner, I met Alice back in 2019 when I helped her run a party for the community.

I absolutely love what Alice does to support and advocate for those experiencing infertility and on a difficult path, its like nothing else out there. I am honoured that I am able to share and use my own fertility experiences to help and support others on their own journeys to bringing home a baby.

My perfect weekend is...

Going for a walk with my cockapoo Betsy, spending time with my hubby, friends and family and having a yummy takeaway with good TV or film!

Contact me: [email protected]


An Irregular Newsletter of Inspiration

I write to you from time to time with things that inspire me to ride the waves of life with self compassion, awareness, humour and sometimes a chocolate hobnob (a biscuit, for my non-UK friends. A very good one.)

Ride the waves with me.

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